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Hi! I'm Becca, the face behind Rebecksley.


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Originally a small-town girl from northern Illinois and currently city-living in Milwaukee, WI. I live with my amazing fiancé and dog-mom to my Australian Shepherd mix dog, Yoshi (p.s. you should follow him on the gram @yoshiber). I have worked in marketing for 10+ years and work full-time in the metro Milwaukee area as a Graphic Designer II in the financial industry. 


Typically, I can be spotted with single-cuffed jeans, a button-up shirt, and a cardigan. You can take the girl out of the preppy retail store but you can't take the prep out of her. I will be the first to admit that I am still a fan of wearing light pink or blush tones (and not ashamed of it). You can shop my looks on LTK.

As a graphic designer, I love creating logos, emails, websites, and social media. While I love to design "pretty things"  I only add one space after a sentence, em-dash enthusiast, and pro-Oxford comma.

Whoever invented the SD-card reader for an iPhone is a genius (and how I upload pictures from my Sony Alpha a6400). 


Thanks for stopping by and hope you join the Rebecksley-family!

xo Becca

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